Hiking & Mountaineering

Hotavlje is an excellent starting point for beautiful hiking tours in the surrounding hills, such as:
Slajka (789 m)
Duration: 1 hour

The trip starts in Hotavlje, following the signposts of the Mountaineering club Škofja Loka, pass the church of St. Laurence, and a shorter part of the path leads along an asphalted road (leading further to the top), to signpost directing you left to a marked footpath. It takes you about an hour to get to the Alpine hut on »Slajka« where you can relax again and when the hut is open, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks.


Ermanovec (1026 m)

Duration: 2 h 40 min (from Hotavlje through Slajka)

The path from Slajka continues along the Loška Mountaineering Trail over the top of the »Špik« mountain or around – over the »Homovec« farm – both paths then soon join. If you would like to continue the trip to »Ermanovec«, you should not descend in direction of »Homovec« but go along a macadam road to »Sleme« and then along an asphalted road to the top of the crest. There is only a few-minute walk to the hut.


Blegoš (1563 m)

Duration: 4 hours ( from Hotavlje)

Blegoš represents the highest peak of the Škofja Loka Hills. The concrete fortifications of the Rupnik line at the top of Blegoš date back to before the Second World War.