Škofja Loka

A thousand-year-old city Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka, a thousand-year-old city at the confluence of the Poljanska Sora and Selška Sora rivers, was the center of the Loka dominion owned for 830 years by the Bishops of Freising, who placed an indelible stamp on the city. More.

Škofja Loka is considered the most beautifully preserved medieval city in Slovenia.

Foto: Johann Jaritz
Foto: Johann Jaritz

Its rich cultural heritage intertwines with unspoiled nature, earning the city the name “Gallery in Nature,” while the picturesque and colourful house facades fostered yet another: “Motley Loka.”


The old city core boasts numerous points of interest from the past, and the Loka Castle, built before 1202, reigns above the city. In castle museum you can see a number of precious artifacts and literary works as Škofjeloški pasijon (the Škofja Loka Passion), the oldest preserved drama text in Slovene language, written in 1721 by a Capuchin monk Romuald – Lovrenc Marušič from Štandrež by Gorica.



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